Kim Young Lundstroem Kilde
b. 1974 Pusan, South Korea
lives and works in Copenhagen and London

Works as visual artist and curator in conceptual science fiction with special interest in mythology, esoteric praxis and investigation into modes of perception.

Main topics are simulacra, invisibility and out-of- body-experience with installation as primary media.

Theoretical frameworks are continuously revisioned.

MPhil/PhD Candidate

Royal College of Art
Fine Arts Research
2015 - present


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The project is kindly supported by:


Karl og Dagmar Thyrres Legat

Royal College of Art Bursary


Co-founding member of artist group Lehman Brothers since 2012 with Peter Birkholm, Morten Espersen, Jonas Jensen and since 2018 Christian Danielewitz.



Invited with Lehman Brothers by Rosa Velasco for ARC Residencia former named Los Choros.

Presentation of the work proces Lehman Brothers - Star Trekkin' Moby Dick in Galeria NAC, Santiago de Chile on August 12. 2019. The show Lehman Brothers - Cerro Point Blanco will open on Sixty Eight Art Institute in Copenhagen April 3 2020.



Invited by curator Rodolfo Andauer for the seminar Managing New Displacement of Geography, for CREAR Fundacion, Chile 2018 .




The Danish Arts Foundation Residency Grant 2019

The Danish Arts Foundation Work Grant 2018

The Danish Arts Foundation Work Grant 2017

The Danish Arts Foundation Work Grant 2016

The Danish Arts Foundation Prize in 2016 for the exhibition on OK Corral:

Lehman Brothers - Ballistic First Movers


Lehman Brothers - Surfin' The Bucharest Billboards
Bucharest Biennale 7, May 26 - June 30, 2016


All the productions are kindly supported by