Identity Matters

We are all identified, which means we are fucked within zenbuddhist terminologies. The question is, whether this counts for all – the right not to be identified. Identity politics as it now works in fine art, especially the conceptual art that grew out of the anthropological wave after Foucaults micropolitics and the power play of Bourdieu’s segmentation.

The acknowledgment of gender, sex, race and ethnicity as inherent elements of anyones identity i.e. subjectivity, may seem strange to any stupid white man, who believed exactly the neuter, neutrality, even objectivity to be privileges of a superior colonial power. Here it becomes obvious, that the subversion of the values of terminologies, somehow causes a maximum of confusion; The right to silence and a neutral position, is a point to be conquered by those who have been silenced and neutralised by those, whose position could allow them to value this silence and neutrality, as if it was something desirable. As with modernism – as if modernity was accessible or desirable for everyone.

The white cube, that has been under deconstruction since the late fifties, relocates as something ideal, ideal in the sense of a space of tranquility – mindfulness as something desirable for the hungry ?

Dying from hungry mindfulness in the trenches of WW1 – So the need to speak on behalf of identity, because an identity is needed before any neutral neuter position can be attained – as full nutrition before nirvana. Otherwise we will die fasting – i.e. faster.

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