Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue ?

Black Monochrome

What kind of capitalism are we talking about today – in what way do we understand production and product. Even if art does not need capitalism, it still need capital. At least for production costs and bread on the butter.

Question we can rise is, whether we can come up with a different kind of capital production, which is neither dependant on market capitalism or state governmental regulation. Capital produced solely on alternative energy production, such as solar and wind energy, would naturally appear as green venture capital towards the bright side of speed and movement distribution. All this sounds logical on the border to stupid, even if it would be true.

If we manage to tip the scale here, and promote a capital superior in quality to the existing dominants still based on oil, gas, coal and weapon production; we may be able to imagine a fully equipped industry based on gaming, solar and wind energy, biological agriculture. Imagining vast fields of Facebook servers running on solar energy, producing domestic heat – waterfalls producing electricity and satellites running on electromagnetic waves from the sun. The question is purely how to concentrate all forces of capital in this direction – if we want capital production to survive itself we truly must change investment banking. In its core. Even Formular One Grand Prix could each year produce vast amount of electricity simply by accumulators of all the speed running in the world, by constructing all the roads with dynamos and batteries.

Again, recycle spill water for toilet flushing, let the movement of an asteroide produce energy together with the tornados – imagine how much electricity could be accumulated from a typhoon and at the same time calming it down. Maybe saving the planet is not about stopping the development, but about speeding it up remarkably – so that even the movement of the planets themselves can produce the energy we need to read this. And this.

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